The first step to a successful project is the proper definition of the problem statement and all end goals. Our experienced Consultants are adept at understanding your requirements and drafting the best Team/Individual suited for the assignment.


Once our Consultants draft the Team/Individual for the assignment, the details are conveyed to you for further inspection. You are free to study their CVs/Resumes and interview each candidate separately.


Not every individual is a fit, and we comprehend that very well. Your screening procedure might have rejections. Hence, we have a pool of resources as a backup for every job. If a candidate does not fit, we are open to offering others, even in the middle of a project.


After complete verification, when you finalize on the Team/Individual, our Consultants will draw up the papers of the agreement as per the plan of your choice. Once the deal is signed, we send over an invoice for payment as per the contract.


With the Team/Individuals ready, the contract signed, and everything else in place, we are a 'Go'! Let the work begin.